Guinée Games supports young entrepreneurs with SADEN partnership

Guinée Games has thrown its support behind young entrepreneurs in the country, through a partnership with SADEN.

The Guinée Entrepreneurs Fair (SADEN) was held in February 2020 and rewarded young business owners with financial aid. SADEN is an important fair that creates a real springboard for jobs and development in the country.

Guinée Games and their charity sector, Guinée Games Projects, supported three winning entrepreneurs at the fair. These came in the field of Agriculture, Agro-industry and Agribusiness.

The three innovative companies that received support from Guinée’s favourite bookmaker, were JPAG, CAPA Scop and AOUDY FOOD.

The manager of the Young Pineapple Producers of Guinée (JPAG), Diallo Mariama Oury, has been working in pineapple and banana farming for several years. She is also passionate about coaching young people. On top of her award at SADEN, Oury has been named as one of the 54 winners of the Women In Africa award.

CAPA Scop are specialists in the production of eggs and the breeding of hens. AOUDY FOOD produce honey and other products that can be made from it.

A spokesman for Guinée Games Projects said: “As a corporate citizen, Guinée Games has always valued the entrepreneurial efforts of young people. We are delighted to help these inspiring businesses to strengthen their structure and thus their activity.”

To learn more about how Guinée Games helps the community, come to the Conakry Fair in December, where there will be an exhibition of our charitable work in 2020.

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