Guinée Games Projects funds education for 30 girls

Guinée Games Projects
Thirty girls who were out of school now have the chance to attend lessons, thanks to Guinée Games Projects.

The charity sector of Guinée Games has formed a partnership with KPAAF to pay for the girl’s scholarship. The news means that the girls can now realise their dreams at the fashion school in Conakry.

Guinée Games Projects is dedicated to fund the 30 girls their education at KPAAF for the next three years

At KPAAF, students learn sewing and fashion trades. The school offers training in technical design, cutting, tailoring, styling and model making.

A spokesman for Guinée Games Projects said: “It is a great pleasure to be able to fund the education of these 30 young women. Low levels of education, which brings about high unemployment rates, is one of the biggest challenges to this nation.

“By helping these girls for the next three years, we are showing our dedication to education. These children need a chance to fulfil their potential and we are proud to offer our support.”

In 2013, Guinée was ranked 179 out of 187 in the United Nations Education Index. This means the country has one of the lowest education levels in the world. The World Food Programme stated that 55% of the population lived in poverty.

With such societal issues, the news that Guinée Games Projects will fund the education of 30 girls is of great importance.

Guinée Games has operated in the country for many years and takes their Corporate Social Responsibility seriously.

Earlier in 2020, the company announced that they were to redecorate the Niger Market in Conakry. Guinée Games Projects will also fund orphanages and entrepreneurs in the coming weeks, as part of their charity programme in the New Year.

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